Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My New Thing

I went to a demo at Michaels Sunday. And I was watching the woman crochet and knit. And she demonstrated the knifty knitter. There are 2 different kinds that I seen one is a pack of 4 round ones you can make hats with and the other is a long one for scarves and stuff like that. Well I bought the round ones because they was extra easy and look what I knitted Waylon tonight. Only took a couple of hours and I only made a couple of small mistakes. So get ready everybody for scarves and hats. lol I have wanted to learn to crochet since I was in my teens and I am determined to learn. I bought the Teach yourself to crochet book and so far I haven't got very far. I also won the teach yourself to knit book at Michaels the other day during the demos. They had a drawing every hour. It was kind of weird because she let me draw the name and I ended up drawing mine. : )

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Tiffany said...

Welcome to yarn addiction!
I started knitting with the knifty knitter too. I picked it up just after I tought myself how to crochet and was way behind on scarves for Christmas. A tip, when making a scarf, to prevent the sides from curling, purl the first stich of each row. That will help keep it flat.
You might want to also check out Knifty Knitter groups on Yahoo. They are very useful!
One of my favorite yarns to make a quick scarf out of was a Hobby Lobby brand called frosting. Reasonably cheap and knits up quickly and lushly! And don't forget you can print off 40% off coupons on Hobby I always printed off a few coupons, had my son purchase some items, then pass some out to customers who are in the store and have no coupons.
Oh I miss Hobby Lobby!
Welcome to my world of paper, ink, and yarn stashes! Be prepared...