Friday, April 4, 2008

Scariest night of my life

Well last night had to be one of the scariest for me. We have had tornadoes come close but never this close. Last night at a little after 9 o clock my husband Jonathan called and said some severe weather was headed our way so I flip over to the news and the tornado was in Benton/ Bryant area. I keep watching and they start telling Little Rock to take cover and then they put up Tornado should be at Cabot at like 10:27 so I am freaking out at this point. So I call my neighbor because I didn't want to be all alone and I get Waylon and we go over to her mom's. We are watching the weather and the warning sirens go off. So we all go in the bathroom and close the door. A little while later the electricity goes off. I am so scared at this point. Asking God to watch over us. And we wait for a while and we hear on the weather radio that it should have passed already. Thank God we were all ok. But today I realized how close it came to us. The next road over. And it went down a ways and then crossed over and went across South 1st by Bob's garage. And it went over toward the high school. Very scary. We were without electricity from 10 something last night to a little after 8 tonight. But we are back in business now. lol I think I am ready to move to Ca. and deal with the earthquakes now. : )

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sesga loves 1950s said...

sounds very scary you poor thing all is well ,now im glad to hear from sesga xx