Sunday, July 27, 2008

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1.What was your age when you first discovered your love of yarn? What (or who) was it that introduced you to all that fibery goodness?Well recently I discovered my love of loom knitting(age27)I have tried to teach myself to knit and crochet to no luck but I still hope to learn one day. I have done plastic canvas since I was a in my teens.
If you could sit down with anyone in the world to have a little knit along, who would it be? Someone who was a very experienced knitter/crocheter that could help me.
3.What is your favorite comfy place or position in which to work with yarn? Sitting in front of the tv.

4.Like our heroin in the story below, do you ever dream about soft fuzzy goodness?
Or how to do a particular technique you’d never thought of while awake? No not that I remember anyway.

5.What type of loomer/knitter/crocheter are you? begginer loomer Do you like long involved projects, or quickies full of fast satisfaction?I like quickies

6.Have you ever guiltily postponed dinner due to your involvement with a project?
7.What is your ultimate goal in your yarn life? To become a great loomer, knitter, and crocheter.

8.Do you have a favorite snack you like to munch while working with yarn?Peanut M&Ms or wine is that a snack??? lol

9.What is your all time most favorite yarn tool/accessory that you absolutely could not live without? Don't think I have one really.

10.What is your favorite movie?Where the heart is

11.What is your favorite book as an adult…and what was yours as a child?I have alot of favorite books really, I love to read. Debbie Maconber is one of my favorite authors and anything by her is great. I liked Judy Blume kid books when I was a kid.

12.What are you working on right now with your yarn?An octopus

13.Is there a special project that you’ve been just dying for someone (or yourself) to design????

14.Did someone invite you to join in on the party today? No

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Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Thanks so much for coming to play today! Your answers were fun to read. :) I also really enjoyed meeting your cute! :)